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PCC Metal Finishing Brochure

This brochure contains additional information on our metal finishing processes and services, as well as an up-to-date index of our capabilities.

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Alloy Processing

Alloy Processing is recognized throughout the aerospace and defense industry for our quality, ability to process the largest and most complex parts, and comprehensive metal finishing solutions.

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Plasma Coating Corporation

Plasma Coating Corporation specializes in providing complete coating services to customers seeking a premier outsourcing solution. Our primary business is the application of thermal spray coatings to aircraft, aerospace, and industrial parts to enhance performance and extend component life.

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Southwest United Industries - Canada

Southwest United Canada offers comprehensive surface treatments to meet the performance requirements of the most demanding applications and environments, including those found in aerospace, defense, and energy.

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Southwest United Industries - Tulsa

Southwest United Industries is a global leader in full-service metal finishing with
particular expertise in complex parts requiring plating, thermal spray, grind, and bench assembly.

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Complex surface treatments bid complete, applied with precision, and turned around quickly

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