Integration Strategy

PCC Aerostructures utilizes a vertically-integrated production model in the manufacture of diverse, complex details and assemblies. Process capabilities include autoclave-cured continuous fiber reinforced plastics, composite and metal bonding, sheet metal forming, machining of aluminum and hard metals, welding, finishing, and complex assembly. Intra-PCC production inputs include nickel and titanium alloy mill products, castings, forgings, engineered components, fasteners, and finishing. PCC Aerostructures is your one stop integrator.

  • PCC’s unique value stream and ever-expanding array of skill and capability give us many ways to help you meet your business objectives including
  • Assisting with factory cost and cycle time reduction initiatives through the development of higher assemblies and kits
  • Reducing procurement costs through supply chain rationalization and consolidation of spend
  • Delivering value throughout each program’s life using multi-facility approvals to provide pre-production support, flex capacity, risk mitigation, and mature program cost reduction