United Kingdom Kunshan


SPS Aerostructures has embraced the demand for lower costs by developing a wholly owned subsidiary in China, SPS Kunshan. Higher labor content activities such as fabrication can be performed at SPS Kunshan to provide cost effective assemblies.

SPS Aerostructures combines lower cost Chinese details with high technology European production and local to customer manufacture to deliver the value with complete control and visibility.


  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • CNC Laser Profiling
    • CNC Routing
    • CNC Folding & Forming
  • Assembly
  • Welding & Brazing and Soldering
  • Treatments
    • Vacuum Heat Treatments
    • Aluminum Heat Treatments
    • PFD
    • Anodize/Alochrome
    • Wet Paint
    • Rubber Press

Products & Services

Low cost sourcing for:

  • Airframe Brackets
  • Engine Brackets
  • Airframe Fabricated Parts
  • Engine Fabricated Parts


United Kingdom Kunshan

8 Nanbang Road
Kunshan, Jiang Su Province 215300

Phone:  86-512-5771-9210

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