PCC Aerostructures Auburn is a kitting, assembly, and integration center that was created in 1999 as Primus International with the merger of Bumstead Manufacturing, Inc. and Hansen Machine Corporation. 

Precision Castparts Corp. acquired Primus International in August, 2011 and has since merged GCM North American Aerospace and Compass Aerospace Northwest with Auburn to create a vertical integration solutions center for medium assembly.

The site is a center of excellence for hard metal machining and door assembly.

PCC Aerostructures Auburn Plant


  • High Speed Machining
    • 3, 4, & 5-Axis Medium/Complex Aluminum and Hard Metal Machining up to 59 x 55 x 55 in (1,498 x 1,397 x 1,397 mm)
    • Medium/Complex Structural & Mechanical Assembly; including Flight Safety Critical Parts
    • High Speed Multi-Pallet Machining Cells
  • Overhaul Capabilities for Complex Flight Safety Critical Assemblies
  • Long Bed Machining up to 200 inches in length
  • Kitting and Integration
  • Experts in Precison Sheet Metal Components and Extruded Products
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Complete In-House Tooling Cell
  • Vertical Integration Assembly Cell

Carriage Assembly

Products & Services

photo of overwing exit door

  • Entry and Exit Door Assemblies
  • Flap Supports & Carriages
  • Engine Hanger Links
  • Titanium Wing-to-Body Joint Fittings
  • Titanium Ribs (Flap)
  • Flap Tracks under 60”
  • Auxiliary Tracks
  • APU Inlets
  • Titanium Shear Ties / Stanchions / Splice Plates
  • Titanium and Nickel Links
  • Actuator and Mechanism Assemblies
  • Handle Assemblies

Experts in forming sheet and extruded parts

  • Leading Edge Torque Arms
  • Cable Drums
  • Track and Beam Assemblies
  • Mechanism Assemblies
  • Krueger Flaps



701 Milwaukee Ave N
Algona, WA 98001

Phone: 253-876-1500

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